Bengaluru Biryani Club – S02E02

BBiC Family

The origins of the military hotel are unclear. The idea was that you would toughen up if you ate protein-rich fare. It’s thought that soldiers developed a taste for non-vegetarian food which may not have been cooked at home, and it was a challenge to do without it.” So according to this theory, the establishments might’ve been set up in those hometowns and villages to cater to this newfound appetite for meat, but even if this wasn’t the case, the eating of meat became associated with how the military ate. 


At these eateries, mutton biryani cooked over coals, made with short-grain rice and a slow-burning masala of green chilies, coriander, and mint leaves, takes precedence over ragi mudde. The meat dishes in these eateries tend to be spicier, borrowing from the fierce, tongue-singeing flavors of the Saoji and Kolhapuri cuisines of central MaharashtraThe biryani, or ‘palav’ as it’s referred as a mound of glistening jeera samba rice concealing pieces of butter-soft meat that slide off the bone at the slightest nudge. It is slow-cooked and made with ghee, not oil, which explains the aroma that precedes its arrival to the table. The deceptive green chili burn lingers ferociously after every bite

Bengaluru Biryani Club

Talk about the biryani love that escalates so fast that you call your friends and start a biryani club overnight. Renukesh Bingeri, Navneeth Thimmappa, and Vinay Nagaraju did exactly

Bengaluru Biryani Club is one Facebook group you need to be part of if you love biryanis and you can tell the difference between a dum and a donne. Besides members posting pictures of the biryani they eat on a daily basis and talking about it, the group is all about uniting the donnes and the dums, the Hyberbadi with Thalassery, and the Ambur with the Awadhi for biryani lovers.

Season 2 Episode 2 

Vishal Anand (4)Bengaluru Biryani Club hosted so many events in the past which are amazingly awesome and this time they proved again with the fabulous planning and execution of the event. It’s rightly said somethings are worth to wait, In a modern setting in the heart of the Namma Bangalore in a more accessible place with the same taste and price, passionate foodies decided to get these century-old dishes in a more authentic way.

Royanna Military Hotel – New Age Military brainchild hotel on Brigade Road for military food fans. Let’s get together to celebrate the rebirth of age-old recipes recreated with freshly grounded masalas from our own military hotel culture.


Sunday Morning can’t be better than this enjoying Heavenly great food with BBic Family . Breakfast menu specially cruted for BBic FamilyV Anand
1. Thatte Idly : In Kannada language thatte means plate and cooking idli on flat thin plate derives the name for this idli.
2. Mutton Chops : Mutton chops cooked in a masala bursting with wonderful flavors simmered in coconut curry.
3. Chicken Curry : Chicken Spiced with masalas and a hint of coconut simmered in basic gravy
4. Chicken Kabab : Chicken  coated with spiced batter and deep fried to perfection.
5. Mutton Pulao
6. Chicken Pulao

Champion BreakfastIt took a bit of time for Biryani to unite again, but we got an amazing event like always.

Thanks to Bengaluru Biryani Club and  Royanna Military Canteen for Hosting us with amazing biryani and service.

Cheers to BBiC!

Food and wine – Lets Dine

Still thinking what can be best wine to suit you for you Indian palate?

Wine’s have a very unique quality that needs to be paired with new and modern Indian technology. The new styles have now include the various styles like roasting and even gastronomical experience.

From curry to tandoor, chefs are saying that these are the best Indian food and wine pairings to try out next time you go to your local Indian restaurant.

Here’s few wines which will provide you the same experience :

Best Indian Food and Wine Pairings

Indian food and wine aren’t exactly a combination that most would call intuitive. In fact, most people tend to pair water with almost all Indian food, primarily because the food tends to be pretty darn spicy for people to handle.

Many food critics would suggest teas, waters, and beers for Indian fare rather than a bottle of wine. However, if you listen to chef advice, some of the best Indian food and wine pairings are not worth skipping out on.

Want to pair Indian cuisine with wine? This guide will shed light on the best pairings for this often hard-to-pair culinary category.

Creamy Curries and Riesling

Curries are a major staple in Indian fare, and it just wouldn’t be fair (ha!) to produce a pairing guide that doesn’t involve curries on there. Most people, though, get very worried about pairing wine with curry, primarily because of how strong the flavors in curry tend to be.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to pair curry with wine. Curries need a bold, strong flavored wine to match with them. For most food critics, one of the best Indian food and wine pairings you can ever experience is the rich flavor of a curry balanced with a hearty Riesling.

Yellow curries, such as kormas, tikka masalas, and pasandas, often will need a special touch to fully bring out their flavor. So, you will need a rich flavored wine to bring them out — and this makes them great with reds and bold whites alike.

Along with bold white wines like Rieslings, creamy yellow curries tend to pair well with light red wines and richer white wines. So, Zinfandels and Sangiovese wines tend to be great picks, too.

Red Curries and Rosé

The rich, tomato-filled goodness that is known as red curry works wonders with a lot of wines. After all, tomatoes and wines go together perfectly well in Italian food; why wouldn’t they do the same with Indian food?

There’s one major difference with Indian food and wine pairings versus Italian pairings, and that’s the flavor profiles. Since tomato-based curries tend to be very spicy, you will need to avoid too much dryness and acidity in the wine.

So, the best option here? According to experts, a Rosé wine — ideally a sweet one — is the best wine pairing you can have. This is especially true for particularly spicy dishes like vindaloos and jalfrezis.

Saag Paneer and Sauvignon Blanc

Saag Paneer is a classic dish in Indian restaurants, and unfortunately, it tends to be one of the toughest in terms of Indian food and wine pairings. However, there are a couple of tried-and-tested approaches you can take with this dish to unleash a new level of flavor.

The easiest way to get a good pairing is to have a high acidity wine that cuts through the cheese fairly well. For this, we’d suggest a Riesling. However, if you want a more savory profile, a richer Sauvignon Blanc tends to be the way to go.

Red wine pairings are also very doable with this dish. We’d suggest a richer Rosé with Syrah, or perhaps a lighter Cabernet Sauvignon if you do choose to go the red route.

Tandoori Chicken and Pinot Noir

With most wine and food pairing guides you’ll see on the net, they’ll tell you to match the wine color to the meat color. This is not always the case with Indian food and wine pairings, primarily because the spices and cooking style will often throw typical pairings off.

Tandoori chicken is incredibly smoky, and often tastes almost beefy by comparison. So, a richer yet lighter red wine tends to be the better option, here. According to a number of sommeliers, the best red wine pairing you can get for this classic Indian dish is a Pinot Noir.

Other good alternatives to a Pinot Noir include Cabernet Sauvignons and Zinfandels. Like most other Indian dishes, a good Riesling also seems to work fairly well.

Dal-Chawal and Chenin blanc

Rice dishes really vary greatly in flavor in Indian cuisine, so this may be one of the more difficult Indian food and wine pairings to discuss. So, to make things easier, we’re going to talk about two major categories of rice dishes — comfort food-style dishes and earthy, smoky dishes.

Creamy, comforting rice dishes like dal-chawal tend to work well with white wines that cut through the buttery texture and bring out the savory side of the dish. A Chenin blanc is a good choice here due to its light flavor but higher acidity.

On the other hand, smoky and spicy rice dishes, such as sambar rice or biryani, will need to have a stronger, richer wines that bolster the spices’ effects. So, a better option here would be a Shiraz.

Breads with Chutneys and Riesling

Yes, Riesling works as the number one go-to option for this favorite Indian appetizer as well. Most breads and sauce/chutney tasting platters will have a wide variety of flavors that range from the spicy to the acidic.

Rieslings and other rich white wines tend to work the best with these platters, primarily because they’re the only wines that really stand up to the flavor without adding the dryness of tannins to the mix.

That being said, some people have also found rose wines and Champagne wines to work well. However, it seems to be that the best Indian food and wine pairings tend to be focused around Rieslings and other “savory” wines.

Zaika-e-Ishq – Eid Food Trell

Eid al-Adha is the second of the two annually celebrated Islamic holidays throughout the globe. In honor of Ibrahim’s desire to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, Eid al-Adha is celebrated. However, God given a lamb to be sacrificed instead before he could do so. An animal is sacrificed to celebrate this and split into three components. One part is provided to the needy, one portion is retained at home, and the third part is provided to relatives

This year, on August 12, Eid al-Adha falls. Devotees at the mosque offer prayers. Many devotees are planning their pilgrimage to Hajj and traveling around this moment to Mecca. Many of them save cash to be able to afford this journey for several years.

Food is an essential component of any festival celebration! And the holy Eid Al Adha festival, which literally implies the “sacrifice feast,” is celebrated worldwide by Muslims preparing traditional Eid Al Adha food that includes elaborate meals and desserts.

Eid Al Adha, also popularly known as “Bakr Eid,” is a dream come true for foodies, particularly meat lovers, with a fascinating spread of aromatic, rich and flavorful delicacies!

Aslam Butter Chicken
Old Delhi occupies a three-story building and is famous all over Delhi for its signature Butter Chicken. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not the creamy curry that you get at North Indian restaurants. If you’ve not tried it yet, it is nothing like you’ve ever had before. The chicken pieces are marinated with about twenty spices, roasted and grilled golden and then dunked into oodles of butter! A sight and treat worth relishing.

The Mughal Empire is synonymous with larger than life architecture, grandeur culture and beautiful artistry. The Mughal emperors with their rich heritage, food and culture, were the first ones to bring the Mughal cuisine to the country.

From kebabs and ghosht to khameeri roti and all the delectable Mughlai delicacies one can think of, Jama Masjid is the place to be. There are a number of kebab places around the area and quite a number of well-known eateries to try out. From fried chicken tossed in masala to the delectable firni, this is a food lover’s paradise.

Kulcha Nihari – Haji Shabrathi Nihari wale
Haji Shabratri Nihari Wale in Old Delhi has been serving mouthwatering dishes to its customers from the past 60 years. Established in the year 1957, they have been serving the best nihari in town. Everything here is prepared with true Indian spices which make the dish even more delicious. The chef spends a significant time of his day in preparing the dish.

Shahi Tudka or Double ka Meetha – Cool Point

Royal dessert which is a rich, exotic bread pudding with lots of dry fruits and cardamom. They started as a small shop on the Matia Mahal road near Jama Masjid and they sell the royal delicacy in a big parath along with vanilla and mango ice cream as accompaniments. It is one of the oldest eateries which has been selling the famous dessert for more than 20 years! The Shahi Tukda is prepared with corn flour custard, nuts and the bread is fried in pure desi ghee. Here, you can also lay your hands onto some Phirni.

Pyaar Mohabbat Sarbat – Nawab Qureshi Shakes

Refreshing drink which is fondly known as Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa. It is a fun, addictive drink which is only for Rs 10. It is made of Amul Milk which is topped with Rooh Afza. They add watermelon cubes for that added freshness.

That’s our short take on Eid food served in the lanes of Jama Masjid. Do let us know if we’ve missed iut any of your favorites


Some days are meant to be extremely special and blessed that it remains in your heart and mind forever as golden moments. One such day was Tuesday, 24th, 2018, A master Class with India’s finest Master chef and Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, not only in India he is one of the most celebrated faces even abroad. This restaurateur, TV host and MasterChef India Judge is one of the sweetest chefs I have met and loads of thanks to International Institute of Hotel Management for giving us this golden opportunity and making this event a fruitful one. In this prestigious culinary master class, Chef Brar amazingly stood out as an artist with the plate as a canvas and food as a medium. His goal through this unique master class was to help the food enthusiasts to become such artists with confidence and enhanced cooking skills with latest techniques in the industry.

The dish for the day was Crumb fried fish with assorted greens topped with Sause.

Sounds so complex right? But nothing is complex when Chef Ranveer is there, Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar is better known for demonstrating recipes as simple as it can get, He patiently guided all of us to get the dish perfect.
Chef Ranveer strongly believes that an artful presentation of food makes the diner’s party a success, more than just eating and enjoying, it’s an expression of craftsmanship and art. So he also educated us to artfully present the dish.

Overall, the culinary session was fun, interesting, thrilling, interactive and provided a learning curve. Hearty thanks to Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar and International Institute of Hotel Management for conducting such an amazing Master Class.

Ramzan Food Mela

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the month in which the Quran was revealed. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset.

Popular Ramadan Food Points in Bangalore

Shivaji Nagar

The one place that comes to top of the mind is the Shivajinagar street. From years, it has been the tradition and a must go place for an amazing iftar food in the city. You will get almost anything and everything here but one thing that you should not miss is the Camel meat served only during Ramadan.

A must try – Kheema Samosas, Tea in Savera Tea center, M.K’s Lassi stall, Pathar ka Ghost, Mutton Korma, and Sheekh pal Kebabs

Open: Evenings

Locality – Russel-street and the corners of Shivaji Nagar

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Albert Bakery

An age old Bakery located in the streets of Frazer town serves a special Goat brain puff during Ramadan. The specialty here is that they use a minced meat that gets a special flavourto the eatery.

A must try – Mutton Samosas, Dry fruit cookies, and special Rooh afza

Open: 3 – 7 pm

Locality – Frazer Town

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Tilak Nagar

If you feel that Shivajinagar is bit crowded then you can walk into the streets of Tilak Nagar. There will be more than 20-25 stalls set up during Ramadan serving dishes from chicken kebabs, paya curry to a roasted OX tongue. Tilak Nagar also has the tangy samosas of all types, puddings, and Pista haleem.

A must try – Paani kum chai and Firni.

Open: 4 – 9 pm

Locality – Tilak Nagar and the surrounding streets.

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Empire Street, Koramangala

The Empire Restaurant in Koramangala is one of the noted Ramadan food points of Bangalore. The streets in front of it will be having stalls during the feasta for you to pick some of the deliciously tasty Ramadan cuisines. It has everything that you expect from kebabs, rumali rothis to chicken and mutton savories.

A must try – Dry fruit juice, Lassi and Ramadan desserts like Phirni, shahi tukra, Pineapple ka meetha, and double ka meetha.

Open: 3 – 9 pm

Locality – The Empire Restaurant, Koramangala

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Mosque Road

Mosque road of Frazer town gets a new color and the sense of enthusiasm during Ramadan. A great place which is Internationally recognized for the best Ramadan foods has been the center of attraction from ages. The road has more than 50 stalls to explore and satisfy your gusto. If you call yourself a food lover then do not miss the amazing mutton kheema, fried eggs, chicken items, and most importantly the Brazillian beef.

A must try – Paradise ki Haleem. Mutton Sheekh, Kebabs, and Bheja fry puff.

Open: Not every year. Please ensure to double check before you plan to visit Mosque Road.

Locality – Frazer Town, Bangalore

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Rahamat Nagar

If you wish to taste grilled meats and the yummiest kebabs and Samosas then without a miss, come to Rahamat Nagar during Ramadan. The evening ambiance of Rahamat Nagar will definitely break your fitness and weight loss goals.

A must try – Sheek Kebab

Open: Evenings

Locality – Rahamat nagar, R.T Nagar, Bangalore

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Bilal Masjid, Bannerghatta Road

Ramadan mela at this place is an epitome of celebrations and ecstasy of food. A must visit Ramadan food points of Bangalore that have stalls serving everything from Pattar ka ghosht, Kashmiri Kebab, Hyderabadi kebab, Chicken cutlets and flavored soda which is a must try. This is a well-maintained place and a perfect place to enjoy the Ramadan foods with your family.

A must try – Green apple and black current flavored soda and Haleem (chicken and mutton)

Open: Afternoon onwards

Locality – Bilal Masjid

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Mohammadan Block near South End Circle, Basavanagudi

A lesser known place which is famous for meat samosas. Apart from this, it has everything that you expect in the plate of a perfect Ramadan food.

A must try – Meat Samosas

Open: Afternoon onwards

Locality – Basavanagudi

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

Johnson Market

A crowded place all through the year but during Ramadan, it has something special for you. It has kebabs, beef, mutton and much more to satisfy your hunger.

A must try – Beef Roll

Open: 6 – 9 pm

Locality – Richmond Town

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore


Fanoos means Rolls and no other place in Bangalore will serve you rolls like here. Sheek rolls are the ones you die for.

A must try – Rolls, Beef biriyani, beef sheek roll, and mutton jumbo roll

Open: Evenings

Locality – Johnson Market, Richmond Town

Ramadan Food points in Bangalore

So, this was our list of the popular Ramadan points in Bangalore. I believe that you found this read interesting, informative and delicious. If you have places to add to my list then please let us know in the comments below.

Wish you all Happy & Prosperous Ramadan!

15 places for lip-smacking street food in Lucknow!

Street food has its own definition and when it comes to Lucknow this definition becomes delicious and mouth watering, so if you are a true fan of street food and wandering where to get your taste buds bubbled in lucknow then here we will tell you 15 places where you can tantalize your taste buds with lip smacking street food!

1. Veg kabab paratha at Deva Food Mart, Kapoorthala

Hungry at Kapoorthala? Go grab the Veg kabab roll at deva food mart. This mouth watering dish consists of soft delicious kabab with crispy rumali roti.

2. Sharma ki chai, Hazratganj

Want to get rid of those Monday blues, go gram a cup of hot steaming tea at Sharma tea corner in hazratganj, and top it up with hot and crispy bun butter and samosa. Perfect thing to kick start your day.

3. Ashwani ki lassi, Kaiserbagh chauraha

Beat the heat with tasty and cool  lassi at ashwani’s. the tasty lassi stuffed with dry fruits and topped with thick layer of rabri will surely refresh your mood.

4. Shukla Chaat House, Hazratganj

This 45 years old chaat stall in the buzzing hazratganj is famous for its delicious panipuri and the popular matar chaat and aloo chaat.

5. Tundey ke kabab, chowk

The all time favorite tundey ke kabab is a perfesect street food for non vegetarians. Situated in the oldest market of the city, chowk . The soft galavati kababs and shaami kabab sold here will surely make your heart sink!

6. Malai makkhan at chowk

If you have a sweet tooth and you are heading towards chowk then don’t forget to taste the famous makkhan malai or Nimish. It is a delicious milk dessert with foamy texture sold in the lanes of chowk. You won’t find it in summers, it is usually sold during winters.

7. Prakash kulfi house

In Aminabad market, this Kulfi house is a must visit. Try their brain freezing kulfi falooda. Believe me it’s worth trying!

8. Sheermaal kabab

Experience the unique taste and combination of sheermaal and kabab sold especially in the chowk area of Lucknow.

9. Katori chaat from Royal Café

This lip smacking chaat from Royal café is to die for. Royal Café is famous for its tasty, mouth-watering Katori Chaat. Once you have it your heart will know itself if you are a true foodie!

10. Bajpai ki poori-kachori, Hazratganj

The crowd at this shop will itself tell you the story of poori- kachori sold here; fill your stomach in just Rs. 40 wit garam garam chole poori.

11. Idris ki Biryani, Chowk


This shop is around 30-40 years old situated in chowk. The Biryani here is mind blowing; rich in aroma and taste the biryani is worth not missing.

12. Bombay Pav Bhaji

Feel like having some pavbhaji ? Rush to Bombay Pav Bhaji in Hazratganj , this place serves delicious pavbhaji.

13. Chicken shawarma at Manish Eating Point, Patrakarpuram

This food joint in Patrakarpuram serves the best Chicken shawarma in town. The delicious shawarma is served with tasty mayonnaise sauce.

14. Cheese burger of Exer Club, mall avenue


LBS coffee point earlier known as Exer Club serves the best Cheese burger and Mushroom sandwich. The cheese burger here will make your heart skip a beat, Take a bite and know yourself.

15. Rahim ke kulche nihari

Your visit to Lucknow is incomplete till you haven’t tasted this unique luscious dish with a perfect combination of Kulcha and nihari (stew consisting of slow cooked meat).

So what are you waiting for go tantalize your taste buds with all these lip-smacking street foods in Lucknow.

Top 20 Chaat Places In Bangalore…

Top 20 Chaat Places In Bangalore
When the hunger alarm rings for a quick binge of lip smacking snacks, you can rightfully rush to these places to grab on to delicious plates of anyone’s all time favourite, Chaats!

Chaat is one such thing that no can resist from giving a nod to! Here is an article to guide you to the top 20 Chaat places in Bangalore.


Gullus Chaats

Gullus Chaats is quite an old place, very famous for its varieties of savouries in chaats. It is a vegetarian food place. The chaats here, mainly, the Masala Puri and PaniPuri are going to keep you lingering onto your spoons & fingers endlessly.The cost here is feasible. It is approximately 250rs/2 people.Other foods available are Rolls, Pasta, Tava Pulao, Twistatos.


2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Seshadripuram, Bangalore



Sri Sairam’s Chats

Sri Sairam’s Chats is one such place which can be called the native city of chaats. It is a vegetarian food place. Here you are offered any kind of chaat you name, from A-Z. To name a few, crazy chaat which personifies its name, student special for all the students out there and even those who want to feel the youth inside them, and many more. The list is sheer endless. The cost is very minimal. It is approximately 100rs/ 2 people. The place is easily approachable.As the variety of chaats is innumerable, no other type of food is going to be noticed, but to give the chilling effect after the spices, you get a variety of juices and milkshakes.


83 2nd temple street, 15th cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore.


Karnataka Bhel House

Karnataka Bhel House is one of the very famous chaat centres in Bangalore. It is a vegetarian food place.The menu is a small one but the quality and quantity is definitely bigger than the biggest. They primarily serve Bhel puri (hence the name!), Masala Puri, Pani Puri, SevPuri, AlooDahiPuri. The cost here is very feasible, which is approximately 100rs/2 people.The place is well located on the main road and hence can be easily driven to!The chaats are going to get your tummy full and you wouldn’t want anything else, yet they offer you with delicious ice-creams with lots of varieties.


6, 2nd main, 3rd cross, Chamrajpet, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.


Nandi Chaats

This chat place serves you with yummylicious chaats that you can never tell a no to. It is a vegetarian food place.The Masala Puri, Pani Puri and Sev Puri will definitely keep bringing you back here.Cost is minimal, which is approximately 150 for 2 people.This food place is located on the main street and easily can be reached to.If you have a sweet tooth, the hot gulab jamuns are a must taste after you have tried your hands on the chaats.


727,7th cross, 10th main,2nd stage, BTM, Bangalore.



Chaatimes is the place where you need to be if your taste buds need some refreshment from the burgers and pizzas. It is a vegetarian food place. They offer a variety of chats with that perfect taste your tongue craves for.The cost is approximately 250rs/2 people which are quite reasonable.They are located in many places which makes it even more convenient to reach them.The highlight of this place is the Jain food they serve in addition to their blingy chaats.


They have 6 locations in Bangalore namely, in, Basavanagudi, malleshwaram,Btm layout, JP nagar, Jayanagar and Koramangala.


Karthik’s Mithai Shoppe

This is a one stop place for relishing the taste of chaats as well as the gleaming sweets out there!The chaats available here do not just look attractive, they personify taste!Cost is approximately 150rs/2 people which are minimal of course.They are located in 4 different places across the city, which says it all.An extra point to their cleanliness.They also serve Samosas, Kachoris and their very famous Mithais. ‘Mithai’ in the Hindi language mean ‘sweet’.


They are located in 4 places, namely, in, Indranagar, Marathalli, Whitefield, Thippasandra.


Anand Sweets And Savouries

This is a place which is definitely going to give you anand(happiness) after grabbing those plates of chats.The immense joy you experience after having those delicious plates of chaats will definitely not leave you regretting your choice of eating here.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people which is feasible.This will take you straight to the streets of Delhi.They also present to you, north Indian cuisine, fast food and delicious desserts.


They are located in 3 different places in the city, namely, in, Jayanagar east, Kodihalli and Sampangirama Nagar.


Suchi Ruchi

This is a place where a huge crowd always throngs for relishing those umpteen amount of varieties out there.The lingering taste left behind on your tongue after munching on those chaats will definitely make you a regular visitor here.Cost is approximately 200rs/2 people.An extra point for the fast service.The Rolls here will cause you to drool over them. In addition they serve you with a variety of Dosas, Chinese cuisine and North Indian cuisine.


92,1st main, 10th cross, temple road, Sampige road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.




This is featured as one of the famous chaat outlets in Bangalore. It is a vegetarian food place.The exotic taste and neat presentation is the highlight here.Cost is approximately 400rs /2 people.Hygiene is given importance.They serve variety of Paranthas, Thalis and different combos from which you can pick your favourite!!


14, 1st floor, vinayaka layout, outer ring road, Whitefield, Bangalore.


Sweet Moments

As the name goes, it will definitely leave some fresh moments for you to ponder on, after those absolutely stunning plates of chaats.It would not be exaggerating if it’s told that, they offer one of the best Paani Puris.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.It is located right opposite the bus stop, says it all!!As the name suggests they offer a variety of sweets. They also serve Kachoris and Samosas.


11, near RC church, opposite Kammanahalli bus stop, Kammanahalli, Bangalore.



Pani Puri in North India is called Puchka in East India. The tangy twist in the Puchkas are making heads turn around these days and the always present huge crowd says it all. It is a vegetarian food place.The irresistible Puchkas are offered with 3 types of Pani, namely, sweet spicy and a blend of both which is one of its kind.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people which is reasonable.Quality slays over quantity here.The hot Jalebis are a must try here.They offer Samosas & Kachoris too.


Silver Springs layout, near Spice Garden Restaurant, Marathahalli, Bangalore.


Bansuri Sweets

Bansuri in Hindi language means ‘The flute’. Just the way playing of a flute brings a smile on every person’s face the savouries here will do nothing less than that! It is a vegetarian food place.This chaat outlet offers you the chaats with the modest north Indian touch to it. So if you want to collect back your memories, due north, you can very well head out here!Cost is approximately 250rs/ 2 people which is feasible.The taste factor soars high.They have a variety of foods ranging from Pav Bhajis to Paranthas and Lassi.


They have four locations spread across the city namely, in Basaveshwara nagar, Kormangala, Btm Layout,Vijayanagar.


Shiva’s Chats

This is a pure chaat place which is definitely going to get your tummy full. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats here, especially the Masala Puri and Sev Puri pose a challenge to many others.Cost here is approximately 100rs/2 people which is definitely affordable.The colourful plates of chats will undoubtedly prove the statement, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man’.As mentioned already, it’s a purely chaat place and you will definitely not want anything else after having them, chaats!


363, 50 feet road, Hanumanth Nagar, Banashankari, Bangalore.


Shubh Sweets

Shub in Hindi language means ‘good/ auspicious’. So after gobbling up those yum plates of scrumptious chaats you day will definitely be ‘shub’. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats here, especially the GolGappas are a treat to the eyes as well as the tongue.Cost is approximately 400rs/2 people. The taste factor overpowers the cost. An extra point to the clean and neat open kitchen.They also offer you with Parathas and Rice Combos. The Desserts are explicit and a must try.


2623, next to axis bank, 27th main road, sector 1, HSR layout, Bangalore.


Maheshwari Chaat Waala

As the saying goes, simplicity implies the etiquettes of a person, this chaat place emphasizes this. Though a simple outlook, it offers the best of food and service. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats served here leads to temptations of having more & even more.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people.Service rendered is commendable.Their Sunday special Chole-Bhature is a must-try.


4, Sunder Mudaliar Street, Ulsoor, Bangalore.


Shree Chaat Point

This is a food place which solely offers chats only. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats offered here embarks a fresh and unique taste which lingers on forever.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.An extra point to both the hygiene maintained and quick service.A total Chaat place, and also a quality imbibing place.


22nd cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.


Calcutta Famous Chaat

This is a place which offers north Indian cuisine and street food. It is a vegetarian food place.Though a small place, the promising taste overpowers everything else.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people, definitely minimal.Service is quick.They offer Samosas Parathas too.


649,CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


Chintu Chit Chat Centre

The Chaats here embrace you with their unique taste. It is a vegetarian food place.Though the menu is limited, the favours in each of their chaats are indefinite.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.A special mention to their CCM-chow chow mix. It is a whole & soul chaat place.


444, near coffee day, 2nd main, kasturi nagar, Bangalore



This place will definitely not leave you regretting those bunches of notes you spent. It is a vegetarian food place.The presentation of food strikes the chord and the taste is bliss.Cost is approximately 500rs/2 people.Cleanliness is a high point.The menu includes Chinese cuisine, north Indian cuisine and a variety of pastas.


207, Green Glen Layout, opposite M.K.Ahmed, Bellandur, Bangalore.


Dilli Chaat Wallah

It is a vegetarian food place.The ambiance radiates everywhere and into you as well.Cost is approximately 950rs/2 people. Though the rates are too high, you will not mind it,as the blend of taste, different colours and ambiance will submerge the thought of those currency notes exiting from your hands,effortlessly.Service rendered is another high point.They offer the entire north Indian cuisine, impeccably.


165, 20th main, 15th cross, 2nd phase, JP nagar, Bangalore.